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About us


Following his father's business, Manuel Marques Antunes first felt his interest in tiles in the 1950's. It was in 1947 that he started his career in this area, working in the construction of the Lisbon zoo. From that moment on he no longer stopped:

- In 1955 he sold and put tiles at the famous Portuguese singer Amália Rodrigues' House in Lisbon;

- In 1960 he sold, put and restored tiles in the garden and chapel of Marquesa de Cadaval's House in Sintra;

- In the 1960's he restored and put tiles in D.José Espírito Santo's House (now the EUA Embassy) in Lisbon;

- In the 1970's he sold and put tiles in António de Almeida Museum in Lisbon. He also restored tiles in Marquês da Fronteira Palace in Lisbon as well as other important works like restoring tiles of several churches.

- In the 1980's he put and restored tiles in the Tiles Museum in Lisbon; restored tiles in the Portugal Bank and in the canteen of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon.

In 1985, after several years buying, selling and restoring antique tiles, he set the company Azulejos Manuel Marques Antunes aiming to produce and trade handmade tiles according to ancient methods and following the Portuguese tradition. Due to his expertise on the area, new talents were created and launched in his office. As a master Manuel Marques Antunes inspired and transmitted his passion for tiles, making his own family follow the business and the company created by him.

Since its foundation the pottery company Azulejos Manuel Marques Antunes, besides its daily activity, has often been required to do several restoring works:

- In the 1980's selling and putting tiles (chapel) in Quinta Patino in Estoril and Casa Patino in Sotogrande, Spain;

- In the 1990's restoring tiles in Bissaya Barreto Foundation in Coimbra; restoring tiles in the outdoors of Edifício Hidráulico in Oporto; doing several toponymic plates for Junta de Freguesia de Alcabideche; doing several toponymis plates for Cascais Town Hall; taking part (painting and tiles exhibition) in the Exhibiton of Espírito Santo Foundation in La Boule, France;

- In the recent years, after the impact made by the Art and the Portuguese artists in the Lisbon underground, we have been required to put several panels: Teresa Magalhães' painting in Sydney, Australia; José Guimarães' painting in Mexico City, Mexico; João Vieira's painting in Budapest, Hungary; Dimas Macedo's painting/sculpture in Stockholm, Sweden; Júlio Pomar's painting( Fernando Pessoa's panel) in Europália Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium, (now at the Botanique underground station); Graça Morais' painting at Belourusskaya underground station in Moscow, Russia; Professor Querubim Lapa's painting at Vale de Chelas and Expo98 underground station in Lisbon;

- Between 1989 and 2004, taking part in the Craft Fair in Estoril, with several awards of the best handcrafted work of the year;

- In 2000 and 2001, taking part in the Lisbon International Fair (LIF);

- In 2001, together with the promoter organization Terras Dentro, giving a training course in manufacturing process and painting of tiles in Alcáçovas (Évora);

- Between 2005 and 2008, in collaboration with decorator Duarte Pinto Coelho, salling of tiles and stones to the Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa in Malaga, Spain; 

- In 2008, selling and putting tiles in Casa Patino in Sotogrande, Spain as well as selling tiles to a "private house" in San Tropez;

- In 2012, doing several toponynic plates for the Town Council of Viana do Alentejo;

- In 2013, taking part in the soap opera "Sol de Inverno" on SIC Channel.

- In 2016, selling, putting and restoring tiles in the house of the famous Designer Christian Louboutin;

- In 2017, taking part in the soap opera "Amor Maior" on SIC Channel.

- In 2017, selling, putting and restoring tiles in the house of the famous Actress Monica Bellucci;

In the last years the pottery Company has often been required to renovate antique buildings and has also exported tiles all over the world.

Giving priority to the art of excellent service and the quality of its work, Manuel Marques Antunes Company offer its customers a diverse work like tiles from the 16th until the 20th centuries or recreating tiles from the new tiles section.

Our skilful craftsmen make reproductions, restore antique tiles and do any work with hand painted tiles.

A selection of antique and new decorative stones is also available.