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Antique tiles from the 16th to the 20th centuries


It was during the Arab occupation that the Iberian people knew about plain and polished stones. These were clay sheets covered with colourful and uniform glass that were then cut into geometrical pieces and turned into beautiful decorative panels. After being only used only as ornament, tiles became part of the decoration of temples telling the stories of saints and angels and also recreating biblical scenes. Later other topics inspired tiles experts who recreated on panels mythological and rural life scenes as well as scenes of the Portuguese History. These beautiful tiles can be found in churches, palaces and old buildings. Each tile and panel has a story to tell...

In Manuel Marques Antunes you can find antique tiles from the 16th to the 20th centuries, Spanish-Moorish tiles (Spanish-Arab tiles / Mudejar Tiles), Joaninas and D.Maria pieces of art, Pombalinos tiles, figure tiles (loose pieces / parts), New Art, tiles from Oporto, Delft tiles, among others.

Note: In case of selling antique tiles to Manuel Marques Antunes, you have to sign a term of responsibility given by the company, which will be later sent to the national authorities so that the Portuguese Tiles heritage can be protected.


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